A Lifetime of Collecting

Teri-LeVine-02Welcome to Teri’s Attic. 

Attic seemed like the right place for a collection of furniture, paintings, treasures, and what-cha-ma-call-its. My attic wouldn’t hold a tenth of what is for sale, but what a wonderful visual picture… steamer trunks, shinny crystals, french lace. If you are a  collector, garage sale devotee, or savvy bargain hunter, this is the place for you.  

house ornament2Teri’s Attic was inspired by the realization that I must “lighten-up” as we moved from our  5,500 square foot Portland Oregon home to our new empty-nester down-sizer. I’ve been a faithful Ebay’er and regular on Craigslist, but they have lost their attraction.  Too much fraud and spam. No safety. No fun.

Raised by a father that had a passion for antiques, collections and garage sales, it also seemed this was my destiny.  Dad was a general contractor and filled our garage with all the knobs, sinks, doors, and other house parts that his clients asked him to “just take away.” Now, my friends are asking me to “just sell it.” So, I give in to destiny and hope that you find your special treasure or perfect furniture piece here in Teri’s Attic.

Happy shopping!